This endpoint retrieves an existing transfer record if an id is provided. Otherwise, it will return a paginated list of transfers.


  • id - ID of the transfer record.
  • account - Account ID of the user making the transfer.
  • amount - The amount being transferred.
  • fee_amount - The fee, if any, imposed on the transfer being made.
  • currency - The currency that is being transferred.
  • target_address - The wallet address of the recipient.
  • payment - Specifies the outgoing payment ID of the transfer if the transfer was successful.
  • exchange - The exchange ID for non BTC->BTC transfers, such as BTC->PHP.
  • status - Specifies whether the transaction is pending, success, or failed.
  • message - A note to the person you are transferring funds to.
  • message_scope - Determines who is able to see the message. If set to private, only the payer and payee can see the message. If set to friends only the payer and payee's friends on the app can see the message. If set to public, everyone can see the message.
  • created_at - Specifies the date when the transfer was created.