Create a new sellorder. For business partners, please see this link


Postman Integration

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Please note that you must be business verified to be able to create a new sell order. For more information, you may contact [email protected].

A sellorder represents a cashout, wherein users can send their details and their preferred cashout option. This action involved debiting the transacting coins wallet account and receiving fiat cash via the chosen payout outlet


For remittance partners, there are additional requirements when creating a new sell order. Please see this link for more details.

Sending to another Coins Account


This will count toward your cash-out limits.

You can also transfer funds to another Coins account by using the sell order endpoint, and using the payout outlet id: coins_transfer. Please see below for a sample request.

  "payment_outlet": "coins_transfer",
  "amount": "5",
  "currency": "PHP",
  "target_address": "[email protected]",  // This can either be an email or a mobile phone number.
  "pay_with_wallet": "PBTC",  // Specify the wallet you want the funds to come from.
  "external_transaction_id": "001" 


  • payment_outlet - The payment outlet in this case is "coins_transfer", which is used to transfer funds to another Coins wallet.
  • currency - Currency symbol of the sellorder
  • amount - Amount being transferred via sellorder
  • id - A unique identifier for the sellorder
  • fields - The fields provided by the payment outlet, such as bank_account_name and bank_account_number
  • target_address - An email or phone number that specifies where to transfer the amount to
  • pay_with_wallet - The wallet code where you want the funds to come from
  • external_transaction_id - A transaction ID passed on by the partner
  • success - Boolean value that returns whether or not the sellorder was executed properly

Delivery Status

Furthermore, the delivery_status property provides a more granular indicator(view/version) of the current order state. The following are its possible values:

  • pending_payment - The order has been initiated, but payment has not yet been received
  • payment_received - We have successfully received your payment, and will be processed accordingly
  • payment_expired - The order has expired because the payment has not been received on time
  • on_hold - The order is currently being held temporarily, and is being reviewed on our end
  • delivering - The order is en route to your recipient
  • settlement_failed - A settlement method for the order has failed. At this stage, we may still attempt to process the order through other methods. If there are no other options to settle, the order will be processed for refund.
  • refunding - We’re in the process of refunding the payment to your account
  • refunded - The money has been returned to your account
  • settled - The payment for the order has been successfully completed


  • HTTP 400 Invalid currency '{}'. The provided currency is not supported.

  • HTTP 400 We've detected a possible duplicate of this transaction. Please refresh and check your history if your order has already been placed. Otherwise, please try again. For sell orders that provide a nonce, this means the provided nonce is already being used.

  • HTTP 400 {outlet_name} is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. The provided payment outlet is currently disabled.

  • HTTP 400 {field_name} is required for {outlet_name} payments. The required field of a payment outlet was not present in the request.

  • HTTP 400 Incorrect verification code The provided two-factor authentication code is invalid.

  • HTTP 400 payment_outlet - Please select the payment outlet of your choice Payment outlet is not provided.

  • HTTP 422 Invalid parameters. The provided request body cannot be parsed.

  • HTTP 400 Please provide btc_amount, amount or base_amount One of btc_amount, amount, or base_amount should be provided in the request.

  • HTTP 400 It looks like the exchange rate has just changed. Please review and continue. This occurs when rate is provided during the request and it does not match the current market rate.

Server side errors

  • HTTP 500 Unable to create order at this time The sell order API is out of service.