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Postman Integration

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A payout outlet is an establishment where users can cash out their bitcoins through either, or
For instapay cash outs, kindly refer to Bank cash-out outlet ID's for the additional required fields needed.


  • id - A unique identifier for the payout outlet
  • outlet_category - The outlet's category id. These are usually establishments where the user can cash out their wallet funds
  • name - The outlet's name in human readable form.
  • region - An ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 country code of the region where the outlet is located.
  • help_text - Optional text that further describes the outlet. May be null.
  • help_link - Optional help article that further describes the outlet. May be null.
  • instructions - Instructions on how the user should process payment through the outlet.


Array of currencies offered to cash out along with the respective limits.

  • currency - The currency whose limit is being specified.
  • minimum - The minimum value of that currency in order to be cashed out.
  • maximum The maximum value of that currency that can be cashed out in one order.
  • increment - The smallest value you can increase or decrease the cash out payment by.

fields and remittance_fields

Contains all the fields for the payout such as sender_first_name, sender_country, sender_email, etc.

  • is_required - Boolean value that states if a certain field is required for the specific payout outlet.
  • name - The name of the field, (i.e. "sender_first_name", "sender_email).
  • type - The format of the field, will always show "text".
  • placeholder/label - The name of the field in a more readable format.

UI Views

You can specify a UI view to get filtered result. This should return a list of outlets which are setup for a particular purpose.

partner_disbursementSupported disbursement options.