Mark a buy order as paid


  • btc_amount - The amount of BTC transaction.
  • btc_released - If the buyorder is already processed, specifies the BTC amount released to the target account or address.
  • canceled_time - If the buyorder is canceled, specifies the time when it was cancelled.
  • created_at - Gives the time when the buyorder was created
  • currency_amount - The equivalent amount of the btc_amount in fiat, based on the rate when the order was created.
  • expiration_time - Gives the time the buyorder will be canceled if unpaid.
  • id - A unique identifier for the buyorder.
  • instructions - Information on how to pay the buyorder.
  • marked_paid_time - Specifies the time when the user marked the buyorder as paid.
  • payment_method - The payin-outlet used to pay for the buyorder.
  • rate - BTC->Fiat exchange rate at the time when the buyorder was created.
  • status - Specifies whether the order is released, payment_received, canceled, or escrow_expired.
  • wallet_address - The BTC wallet address where the funds will be released after the buyorder is fulfilled

This endpoint notifies the service that the cash in is already paid for. It is required that buy orders are marked as paid if they are actually paid before the expiration time. Once a buy order is already expired, it cannot be marked as paid.

Paid buy orders that are not marked as paid will not be processed. Sometimes, a buy order is paid by a customer, and then the customer forgets to mark the cash in as paid. We can still process the order by sending a support request at the regional support channels.

A PUT to the buyorder endpoint will mark the buy order as paid. The request body should be empty.