Retrieve an existing buyorder

Buy orders allow users to cash in to their Coins wallet. Supported cash in options can be retrieved from payin-outlets.


  • id - A unique identifier for the buyorder.
  • btc_amount - The amount of BTC transaction.
  • btc_released - If the buyorder is already processed, specifies the amount released to the target account or address.
  • canceled_time - If the buyorder is canceled, specifies the time when it was cancelled.
  • created_at - Specifies the time when the buyorder was created
  • currency_amount - The equivalent amount of the btc_amount in fiat, based on the rate when the order was created.
  • marked_paid_time - Specifies the time when the user marked the buyorder as paid.
  • payment_method - The payin-outlet used to pay for the buyorder.
  • rate - BTC->Fiat exchange rate at the time when the buyorder was created.
  • status - Specifies whether the order is released, payment_received, canceled, or escrow_expired.
  • wallet_address - The BTC wallet address where the funds will be released after the buyorder is fullfiled.