This section outlines all the needed information and endpoints that are required to perform the available actions.

Common Headers

The table below shows all of the common API Headers you will encounter in the Coins Access API.

Header NameRequiredTypeExampleDescription
X-Merchant-KeyyesstringThe authorized merchant key
X-Merchant-SignyesstringThe authorized merchant request sign
X-Trace-IdnostringRequest log trace ID

To craft an X-Merchant-Sign:

  1. Construct a message according to the following pseudo-grammar: ‘X-Timestamp’ + URL + BODY
  2. Calculate an HMAC with the message string you just created, your API secret as the key, and SHA256 as the hash algorithm.

User Related Endpoints

The diagram below delineates the user registration and KYC review process:


Sharing User’s KYC Information with Coins Access and Registering the User

When opening an account with the Merchant, the user submits the required KYC information. This endpoint is used to share the user’s KYC information with Coins Access and register them at Coins Access.

Parameter NameLayoutRequiredDescription
userIdRequest BodyyesUser ID in the Merchant’s platform
emailRequest BodynoEmail address
phoneRequest BodyyesMobile number. At least one email or phone must be provided.
verifiedRequest BodynoIndicates whether the user was verified by Merchant
verifiedTimeRequest BodynoIf the user was verified by Merchant, this parameter indicates the verification time
needRecheckRequest BodynoIndicates whether Coins must recheck the user’s KYC
kycTypeRequest BodyyesKYC or KYB user
kycInfoRequest BodyyesThe user’s information that Merchant shares with Coins. See an example below.